How to automate 1:1 marketing at scale in 2020

How to automate 1:1 marketing at scale in 2020

Personalization is the cornerstone of all modern customer experiences. So, knowing how to best utilize and implement it for your business is vital to success. Especially as companies like Uber, Amazon and Google have shifted consumer expectations completely. 

However, for many businesses, personalization requires huge resources to set up, manage and optimize. Thankfully, Deane Barker, Director of Content Management Strategy at Episerver, and Kevin Li, Chief Strategy Officer of Idio are here to help.

Their on-demand webinar dives into the history of personalization, where it is going and how Idio is here to change the game!

During this on-demand webinar you will learn about:

  • What has worked and what has not worked with Anonymous/Rules based personalization. 
  • The history of personalization.
  • And, the impact Idio can have on your business.

Plus, much much more!

Understanding how personalization works, and the ways you can implement it effectively can change the fortunes of your business!

So, make sure to watch this on-demand webinar now!