Fashion Ecommerce Trends Report

Fashion Ecommerce Trends Report

Online retail has been a key growth area for fashion retailers over the past decade and, more recently, luxury brands have begun to find success online.

Overall, 27% of all fashion sales now take place online, with online accounting for 10% of all luxury fashion sales. With higher value products, the average luxury consumer is likely to make more considered purchases compared to consumer fashion. 

In the first six months of this year, SaleCycle has tracked the behaviour behind more than 235 million online fashion purchase journeys.

Using anonymized data from more than 100 SaleCycle fashion clients, has allowed SaleCycle to demonstrate how luxury and other fashion brands are performing compared to other sectors. In this report SaleCycle highlight differences in customer behaviour across mobile and desktop, as well as general market growth. In this report, you will learn:

  • The current state of the online fashion market
  • Key statistics and trends
  • Useful strategies and best practices for all fashion eCommerce sites

It will focus on the luxury fashion sector, and contrast it to the consumer fashion market, identifying some of the unique challenges luxury brands face when selling online.